Natural Spotlight: Latysha

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I am really excited about my first INTERNATIONAL reader interview! Meet, Latysha, an international short-term transitioner in Italy who is well on her way to big chopping soon. Here's her story:

1. Introduce yourself to us (are you: loc'ed, newly natural, natural-n-pressed, etc.)
My name is Latysha. I am currently transitioning into the natural world and I am OBSESSED with it. I have been transitioning for 3 1/2 months now (with braids and twists primarily). I am excited about my new growth and this healthy journey.
2. Why did you decide to embark on this journey?
I've always been fascinated with kinky hair. For years, I have wanted to find my "signature look"; something I can wear and feel totally comfortable in. I've always worn weaves and hair extensions, but I wasn't always 100% comfortable with them. I would worry about a track slipping or my hair puffing up if I sweat too much. Another reason I decided to go natural was that relaxers suddenly stop working on my hair (but that didn't stop me from using them). I had to resort to flat ironing my hair to death...LITERALLY. My hair became so damaged and in the process I became restless. I am now 24 years old and could careless what anyone thinks of my kinks. I am going natural for ME and no one else. It was about time I did what makes Latysha happy and comfortable.
3. How have people reacted to your natural hair?
I have had good and bad reactions. A lot of my friends love it. Then, there is those ignorant people who don't understand the beauty of kinky hair and say things like "you need a hot comb".
4. Do you have any hair goals?
I do not have any hair goals as far as length. I just want to grow a head full of healthy hair and feel liberated.
5. Do you have any favorite hair accessories? If so, what are they?
Right now I'm loving headbands and headscarfs to jazz up my individual braids.
6.What's your hair care regimen?
I really don't have a regimen yet. While wearing my braids I try to keep my scalp moisturized. I do wash my hair with diluted shampoo (I have yet to find a good shampoo..any suggestions??). I also do a deep condition 1-2 times a month.
7. We are all searching for "the holy grail" when it comes to hair care products. What's the one product you can't live without?
I'm not a crazy product junkie...YET!  I would say the top 2 products that work for me so far is aloe vera gel and tea tree oil (which works great for my hair and skin :-))
8. Youtube and are well-known natural hair resources. How do you educate yourself about natural hair? What are some of your favorite sites?
I subscribe to a few natural hair blogs. I also view YouTube videos here and there. I am pretty faithful to a few blogs. Obviously, NaturalandFab is one of my top favorites:-) If you guys can recommend any other really good blogs or YT channels, I'd really appreciate it.
9. What is the natural hair scene like where you live? Do you see many naturals in your area?
I am from Philadelphia and there are naturals in the community, but in the area that I lived there were very little, if any. I currently reside in Italy and I have yet to see any natural hair sistas.
10. If we want to keep in touch with your natural hair journey, is there a blog or website we can follow?
I do have a blog ( I haven't post many natural hair related posts since I'm transitioning with the braids. Once I remove my braids, I will post more about my journey.
Lastly, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Monique for allowing to be featured to this lovely and fabulous blog.