Hair Frustrations

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While browsing through CurlTalk for a topic to write about, I noticed a discussion trend going on: hair frustrations. I don't know if the warm weather is to blame or the increase in people removing their protective styles and wearing their hair big and free was the culprit, but something has everyone frustrated with their hair.

  "My hair isn't long enough!"          "My hair is so dry!"

"I'll just get a perm!"                      "My hair isn't big enough!"                  

Everywhere I turned, someone was expressing their distaste with their hair for some reason or another. I say all this to utter a few words to you all:

Calm down and be easy

Hair, much like people, is a living organism. We aren't all shaped the same, the same shade or even think alike. We have to learn to respect and understand the uniqueness of each other. Our hair should be treated just the say. Everyone's hair doesn't grow a foot over night nor while it retain moisture the way your neighbor's does. It's a unique, living thing that does what it wants to do on it's own time table. I too have spent many days frustrated with my hair for some reason or another, but I finally threw my hands up and said forget it. When I look at pictures from 6 months ago, my hair is completely different. It's thicker, it's longer and it's lusher. 

I finally realized to just be easy and let my hair be. Cut your hair some slack and embrace the stage its in. I assure you that you will long for the days your hair was at it's current length again. 


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I have definitely been frustrated with my hair lately but I'm learning to be patient. I have recently decided to not to use any heat styling on my hair and lord have mercy!lol
Btw, I'm really enjoying your site! I can come here for encouragement lol