Shedding: How much is too much?

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The average amount of hair I shed every time I detangle

Transitioning hair is often the most fragile hair. While trying to mentally tackle the fact that your hair is changing, you are also fighting the battle of the two textures. Permed hair and naturally kinky hair are like positive and negative magnets pushing one another away. The line where the two textures meet (called the line of demarcation) is often the weakest point and must be handled with care.

As a result of weakened hair stranded, shredding will occur. We lose up to 100 hairs a day due to natural shedding. Of course this isn't a big deal but when you starting shedding fistfuls of hair, then we have a problem. There is honestly no way of avoiding shedding; instead, we should embrace it. Look at it as your hair's way of getting rid of dead ends the same way our skin sheds.

You can, however, reduce your shedding by ensuring that you hair's protein is balanced and that you handle your strands carefully. Deep conditioning treatments should be done each time you wash your hair and avoiding products with alcohol will help as well. 

Next time you see a bunch of hair coming not; fret not. This is its way of making room for more strands to come in.