Product Review: Organikah Whipped Shea Butter

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Atlanta's weather has been bi-polar lately (one days it's freezing and the next day it's 85. what gives??) and I'm fully ready for the cold weather. I'm curious to see how my hair does this winter with dry air in the mix. To get a head start on ol' Jack Frost, I bought a bottle of whipped shea butter by Organikah. I love shea butter but I don't use it in my hair all the time. Personally I find it a bit too heavy but then I discovered the whipped version of it and was hooked!

Initially I sought out to Whole Foods to purchase oils and butters to create my own whipped butter when I noticed Organikah's line. The consistency of the whipped butter was just what I was looking for: hydrating, light, smooth and creamy. I tested some on my strands and O-M-G, I fell in love in the middle of Whole Foods. The product is all-natural, vegan and gluten-free. It smells heavenly and hydrates wonderfully. I will be wearing lots of twists and protective styles this winter and I have a feeling this stuff will play an intricate part in maintaining my hair. I'll post a video soon of me using the product. 


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I haven't seen this in Whole Foods, but I'll check the very next time I go. How much was it?