Curly Kids

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My son's freshly washed curly hair
If you are the parent of a naturally curly child like I am, I'm sure you are doing everything possible to ensure your child's curls remain forever young. A child's hair is extremely sensitive to chemicals, thus, many parents regret the day they introduced relaxers onto their daughter's hair. Weak and brittle strands, breakage and the inability to grow past a certain length are common complaints. With natural hair, the likelihood of these issues are slim.

Natural hair is by far stronger and healthier. Relaxers not only penetrate the hair cuticles, but it also gets into the scalp. So now, your daughter is has deadly chemicals not only on her hair but inside of her as well. 

Weekly washing and hair braiding was once a revered time between mother and daughter. Sundays consisted of moisturizing and braiding strands while discussing the facts of life. And yet, now, mothers dread the time it takes to do their daughter's hair. Natural hair maintenance can be a bit cumbersome but a little effort can reap long-term benefits. Two-strand twists, braids, and even cornrows can protect and nourish your child's hair. Make the effort to take care of those kinky/coily/curly strands and remind your child that they are beautiful.