Today's Hair

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My weekend was pretty relaxed for a holiday weekend. I have every intention of NOT doing anything but spending time with friends, family and my hair. I didn't get around to washing my hair until Sunday and didn't twist it until Monday. Nonetheless, I decided to start transitioning into some fall fashions and what better way to start than with a cute little hat. I'm not sure what these things are called (they remind me of berets) but I found this one at a local beauty supply store.

I clarified my hair on Saturday with an apple cider vinegar rinse, followed by Yes to Cucumbers shampoo. I had so much build up on my scalp that I had to do this process twice. Yuck! Most people recommend shampooing first and then clarifying but the reverse method works best for my hair. I then deep conditioned with Organix Olive Oil deep conditioner (mixed with some grapeseed and jojoba oil because my hair was stripped). I let that sit for an hour and then rinsed and cowashed with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration.

I rubbed my strands with more grapeseed and jojoba oil and sealed the ends with shea butter. I allowed my hair 24 hours to dry before twisting with Eco Styler Gel. I didn't feel like taking my twist down just yet so I pulled a few twists apart, threw this hair accessory on and went about my way. Not bad, eh?