September Giveaway!

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As we transition into fall, we will need to adjust everything from our clothing to our hair regimens. How about a giveaway to go along with it? For September, I will be giving away some jewelry, hair accessories, a few products to one lucky winner (I will post pictures once I've purchased everything). And don't worry, I will put a few hot fall fashion items in there just because I'm so nice. :)

1. Purchase one new product to test and review.
2. Submit your review (with photos included) to 
3. All entries must be a thorough and genuine product review (we are educating each other after all).
4. All entries must be submitted by Noon on Wednesday, September 15

Ready? Set? Review!


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September 01, 2010 9:02 AM delete

I'm game! I'm in the transition phase myself, and I am so tempted to lop it all off and start shorter than I have originally planned. My hair is so dry. I haven't used heat or shampoo since you told me to cowash my hair. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. Idk. What say ye?

September 16, 2010 12:12 AM delete

Awww crap, I didn't know it was by noon. I have to be on top of the next one. But I'm still going to try a new product *muah*