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"Glorious Goddess Body". This was the statement to greet me when I visited my favorite parenting website today. The author states that her 10 year old daughter asked her if she ever dreamed of being thinner. Unforunately we live in a society is that is hung up on body images and sizes that we lose sight of the person inside of us. We put pressures on our children (particularly daughters) to be lean, thin, smart and above everyone else instead of encouraging them to be the best person they can be for themselves.

I have body hangups like any other woman of the world. I hate my thighs because they are big from my years of running and dancing, I hate my arms because they were onced toned now they are softly round and muscular, I hate my broad shoulders that make me look like a line backer, I hate my stomach that has some stretch marks on it from my pregnancy. With all that negativity, there is one positive that surpasses it all: my glorious goddess body. You see, we as women are a miraculous being. We are the only animals capable of carrying and bearing life. We are goddesses. We are the nurterers, the protectors, the life-bearers and the life-bringers. We are the all-encompasses, all-surpassing, all-loving beings.

We are Everything.

Haven't you ever wondered why the female form has been worshipped and revered the way it has? Haven't you ever wondered why no matter how hard we fall we find the strength to push the through the pain? Haven't you ever wondered why even the strongest of men will crumble at our feet? Haven't you ever wondered how it is that nation's have fallen and risen because of a woman? We are the embodiment of perfection, the essence of life. So before you take that moment to wonder if you're smart enough, pretty enough, and hate that your tummy is round and your hips are wide, think about who you truly are. A WOman. We must teach our daughters that they are Queens amongst the masses. No one can bring them down without their permission.

We are woman; hear us roar.