Natural Spotlight: Lisa (DivafromSC)

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Meet this week's "Natural Spolight", Lisa (aka DivafromSC), a newly transitional woman that's still learning her hair. She's fairly new to the natural journey and wants to share her story. 

1. Introduce yourself to us (are you: loc'ed, newly natural, natural-n-pressed, etc.)
Hi, I'm Lisa and I am new to this natural hair journey.  
2. How long have you been natural and why did, you decide to embark on this journey?
I haven't had a relaxer in 12 weeks.
3. How did people react to the changes you made to your hair? Were they supportive or against it?
I haven't had any bold comments directed to me.  People have stopped me and asked me, "what are you doing with your hair?"  and then end the conversation with "it looks good".  My mom and sister are ignorant about natural hair and they have visions of me looking like Frederick Douglas, LOL.  Once I explained some things to them, they were pretty supportive.  Overall, I haven't had any objections.
4. What's the one thing you've noticed that's changed about yourself since you started your journey?
I've started to really take care of my hair and research hair care as much as possible.

5. What's your hair regimen?
I don't really have a hair regimen in place, I'm still pretty new at this.  I do try to deep condition once a week.  I braid my hair every night so that I can wear a braidout the next morning.
6. Do you have any hair goals?
I just want healthy hair and of course, add lots of length to it.
7. What has been the most difficult thing for you during your transition?
The most difficult part of my transition has been taking care of my hair and dealing with all of the new growth.  Also, it's frustrating because I am transitioning and some of the styles I choose don't exactly come out the way I would like them to.
8. Is there a blog or website we can follow you at?
You can follow me on Twitter - @DivafromSC.