Natural Hair Nazis

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The natural hair nation is apparently in an uproar since songtress Jill Scott recently straightened her hair and cut it into a cropped, spiky do.

I ask, what exactly is the issue with this? I must admit, some natural hair chicas can be a bit *ahem* pushy when it comes to their views on hair. Perms are the devil, products with 'cones are completely unacceptable and heat is obsolete. Yet at the same time, isn't it just hair? Shouldn't we accept and love our sistahs regardless?  After all, that is something that we preach time and time again.

I may be newly natural but I certainly don't forget my permed and pressed roots. *looking back at old pictures*. I made the decision to go natural for myself. It wasn't because it was trendy; it was because I wanted healthier hair. End of discussion. I'm not bashing anyone who may have other view points on the straight vs natural debate. I do ask that we respect the views of everyone: wavy, kinky, permed or otherwise.


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August 24, 2010 8:58 PM delete

Alot of my natural sisters can be some straight up black power fist pumping natural hair or no hair nazis. I guess without the relaxer their minds feel more clear or something...I don't know. I see often how people focus on hair...and a natural girl can NEVER EVER go straight or she's a sell out...I don't know when hair became so important...I thought the integrity of the person is what counted *shrug*

September 11, 2010 8:02 PM delete

Great post. I've been natural for about 5 years now, almost 3 of which I have been pressing out my hair. For some reason I feel like people tend to believe that I'm not "really" natural because my hair looks like its permed. I wasn't trying to make a statement when I decided to go natural, I just wanted to stop putting chemicals in my hair. I think who cares if your nappy natural or silky straight? The beauty is that you can rock any desired style, without the need of harsh altering chemicals!
Rock your hair however you want!!