Experimenting with Coconut Milk and EVOO

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As of late I have been battling very dry hair. I have naturally dry hair as it is but it seems like either my products aren't working or this Georgia humidity is sucking out all the moisture in my strands. Nonetheless, I had to take action and a deep condition wasn't sufficient.I decided to experiment with a little concoction of coconut milk (which all know is uberhydrating) and EVOO (there's nothing to say about this) as a pre-poo treatment.

I blended half coconut milk and half evoo into a spray bottle. Any type of coconut milk will do. I just happened to have a couple of cans left over from some curry chicken I was going to prepare.

I started by wetting my hair with warm water and pouring the remaining milk over my hair. 

Then, I parted my hair into 4 sections. Check out that length!

I took my time working the mixture through each section and finger detangling. I immediately noticed how great the slip was with this mixture. I didn't have much drippage so I guess my hair was soaking this stuff up like a sponge. It was feeling so good that I gave my self a little scalp massage.

Next, I covered my hair with a plastic bag and wrapped it with a towel. I haven't used a blow drier in almost two years and prefer not to have heat on my hair as much as possible. I left the mixture in for 2.5 hours.

I rinsed the mixture out with warm water and then rinsed my hair with a blast of cool water. 

Finally, I cowashed with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and rinsed with cold water. By this point my curls were popping and my hair was EXTREMELY soft. I couldn't stop running my fingers through it. I later twisted my hair with Lock It Up Gel and shea butter.

The next morning I untwisted and these were the results: a very soft twistout with great hold (minus the crunchiness)

  • Super hydrating
  • Easy detangling with the mixture
  • Great smelling (if you don't like the smell of coconuts, you may not want to try this)
  • Super soft hair the next day
  • Great shine
  • Very cheap treatment

  • A little messy but what isn't?
  • Constant shaking of the bottle is required. The milk and oil will separate
  • Slightly greasy feel but it wore off by the next morning
I will certainly add this weekly treatment to my hair routine for the winter. I have a feeling the harsh winds and dry air will wreck havoc on my strands and I want to be prepared.


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One of the best things I've used for keeping moisture in is a spritz of glycerin and water! Try it.

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I love this concoction you made and your hair looks FAB-U-LOUS. I saw on youtube something called a coconut cream "relaxer"...that isn't really a relaxer...looked uber hydrating and looked like it gave good slip too. It's coconut oil, coconut cream concentrate, and yogurt. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQD5vt5-3AI&feature=search I'm thinking this will be a good mix for the cold winter months. As far as the glycerin and water it does work really well but be weary of it in the colder months because it acts in reverse as it is a humectant. It works AWESOME in the summer though when the weather is humid.

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@Epitome - I'll have to check that video out. Thanks!