Essence Article: The Hair Politics of Natural vs. Permed

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Bene Viera, a writer for Essence Magazine, posted an article entitled "The Hair Politics of Natural vs. Permed".

Being a formerly permed girl myself, I have no reason to judge anyone for rocking an Angela Davis fro instead of 21" of Wet N' Wavy glued to their scalp. I just don't.  The two paragraphs from her article resonated with me, as they should with many. When did we start letting our hair define us? It's just hair. It's something that can grow back and if it doesn't, there are at least 20 stores in a 2 block radius that can you buy some at. 

I think all Black women should take pride in who they are, in whatever shape, form or fashion they see fit. Encouragement in loving ourselves seems like a better recipe for building self-esteem -- instead of turning up our noses at women for their hair decisions. We as women have a host of work to do, and I just don't see that hair concerns are part of that. 

Many women will read this with their faces scrunched up. But I implore you to check your subconscious thoughts the next time you see a woman with weave to her butt or a chick with an fro larger then Cornel West's. Are you judging a Black woman's authenticity based on her hairstyle? I think if you are, that says more about you than it does about the sister you're judging. 

There are so many other things going on in the world other than our hair and trying to figure what curl type we are. Let's focus on those issues before we start saying "her hair looks like Harriett Tubman's".

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