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Welcome to Natural and Fabulous. I'm Monique and I'm a newly natural chica for the second time around. My story is quite simple: I realized one day that allowing chemicals and other harmful things to enter my body was not the smartest move. It was then, on my son's 1st birthday, that I decided I was fed up. I was sick of shedding hair and wanted to do something. My last relaxer was on August 1, 2009 and I haven't regretted it yet. On April 2, 2010, armed with conditioner and a prayer, my best friend cut away my permed hair for my big chop. 

I decided to start this blog as a means of chronicling my natural hair journey but to also share it with others that may be considering going natural or are currently transitioning. I don't consider myself a "hair guru". I'm just a simple girl who did her research and practiced "trial and error" when it came to what works for my hair. I'm here to share tips, tricks and "did you know" facts about natural hair.

Things you will find on this blog include:

Hair Spotlights - An interview with a natural or transitioning beauty
Product Reviews - Reviews on hair products
Tips and Tricks - Tips and tricks for styling
Contests - Because I love to give gifts, I may do a couple of contests
Live Chat Sessions - I love interacting with readers so make sure you have a Ustream account for this

I would like to welcome you aboard the natural and fabulous train. Enjoy your stay!


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I have posted a couple of comments so far. I like you blog and I plan to follow your hair journey.

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